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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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and i certainly would like to know more and i know that, for the purposes of enforcement having the information about the type of worker that we are talking about is always, useful for the agencies involved. but how do we, as a consumer, how do you know if a garage is union or not? >> we are going to be putting up insigna soon. and the employers have goed to that as we go forward. >> and the large employers in san francisco generally are and just to give you a quick snapshot and almost all of the large commercial office buildings in san francisco have our members in that and most of the class a hotels and of course the city garages as well but we are going to bring and put in the insignia up soon. >> the reason that i asked that is that for many of us in san francisco we would like to know, you know, if the business were patronizing, in fact, is a union shop, because then there is a guarantee that they are treating the workers fairly.
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it is hard to know without that. so, that would, and i would encourage you to do that and that would be helpful for all of us to have. >> thank you very much. >> if i could illustrate one more point about the industry itself. because of autoation the days of them handling the revenue and as you can see in the report, hundreds of millions of dollars annually, these jobs are actually becoming much more labor ensensitive because they are almost like quasi warehouse worker at this point and your idea that the parking attendant having these hand out at the booth is going by the way side, what you actually have out are there members increasing the parking spaces by about a third and that is the statistic that the industry has and these are nis physical jobs and good paying as well and we want to have a good, clean and transparent industry. >> thank you. >> and so supervisor weiner,
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anything else? >> so colleagues we have this item, can i have a motion to move this item forward? >> so the motion by supervisor mar? if we can take that without objection? without objection? thank you. >> with a positive recommendation >> mr. clerk, if we could go back to the beginning of the agenda, item one, please? >> thank you, mr. chair, item one has already been called. >> great. >> and we have a number of folks here who are to on item one and i would like to begin by asking the applicant in this case, liz, zaninovich and i am a licensing specialist and i am here to request approval of necessity and these operated since 2006 and recently we exercised an option to lease
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this space, adjacent to our store. and expanding the store from 10,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet and due to the ex-paning of the premise, the california department of alcoholic beverage control requires what is known as a premises to premises transfer and what is required, the requirement of pcn and i just want to talk a little bit about the expansion and we are looking to improve the experience and when you walk in the store, the shelves will be lower and the aisles will be wide and her we will be able to offer an enhanced beer and wine tasting experience for our customers as well as a wine vault that has improved selection of wine, and we will also be able to over more fresh food items and gourmet cheese and snacks etc., and so approving this public request will allow us to accomplish these goals. we have done, quite a bit of out reach with neighbors and
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after talking to us about our existing policies which are not changing, they were generally supportive of the project. >> could you talk a little bit about your out reach to the district supervisor? i know that this is in district two. >> supervisor farrell is very, very supportive. >> great, thank you. >> supervisor yee,? >> could you speak more about your fresh food items? >> sure, right now, i don't know if you have been to the store and we basically have an eight foot section of cheese. >> it is one of the terms of fresh food and it is including gourmet cheeses and ex-expanding the store will allow us to expand and make that area bigger and it is what the customers are looking for
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when they come to this store and so right now, with the space that it is, there is no way to cram any more food in that store. >> don't you just have more cheese. >> we already offer cheese and meat and you know limes and lemons and i can't speak to what we will offer, going forward. >> perhaps, just curious, as you can speak into the mike please. supervisors my name is greg and i work with liz, and our ex-expansion of our food offers is under construction right now because each store is tailored to the area. as liz said this is one of our most popular, for lack of a better term, stores with respect to our cheese offering and we also will be include and expanding our salsa and our chips and our snacks and also looking at grab and go type of
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foods. because we see a lot of people that are either in hotels or close by but looking for ready-made food as you have seen in walgreens and they have expanded these types of things and so we are looking at all of those things and we have visited as part of the preparation we have gone and toured the safeway stores and looked at their presentation and their cases have gone down into the weeds as to how we can duplicate some of those in this location and we have two other stores in the city and, this is what we want to have the flag ship and we want to put every bell and whistle and everything special into this that we can. >> so, if you, or do you know if your plans, how many space are you going to allocate to your food items? >> i don't want to call fresh food because it is almost like what? potato chip is not fresh food to me.
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>> right. i can tell you in a square footage from the concept drawings that we have done so far, we are going to double at least double what we have. and food offerings. and an important thing to note, when you look at our application is we say that we are going from 10,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet and that is very true. we are not doubling our alcohol selection, in fact we have agreed self-imposed on ourself with the neighborhood that we are only going to, we have the opportunity to increase our footage of shelving for alcohol by a maximum of 17 percent. and which for what we are looking at now our plans will not reach that much, the shelves will be coming down from the higher shelves to the lower shelves. and we will be as liz said we will be expanding the aisles and you will have a 40 inch
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waist and you are are wearing a 40 inch belt and we are going to put on a 40 inch belt and make it much more pal atable for the customers to wheel the carts down the aisle and just shop in the store. >> i understand the analogy real well. >> okay. >> supervisor mar? >> i was just going to thank miss zaninovich and the team from bevmo and i can see that you did significant out reach from april of last year, to november and meetings with middle polk and cathedral hill and the alliance for a better district six which also supports you, and i also want to say that with the new hospital going in there, and i can see how expanding or making the site much better for people around it. and it is really a supportive and i think that it is good support reaching out to the neighbors as well.
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>> thank you very much. >> and maybe next time we should require a sampling of the expansion by the committee, especially the cheeses. if we could hear from the officer? >> good morning officers, with the alu and the san francisco police department. and ye, i am here to report on her request, she is basically representing bevmo and they have filed what they called the beverage and the expansion of 1301 van ness. and they are adding a tasting, license, which i think they are in an undue concentration area and however in this case there is nothing new, it is already in existence, and it is just a requirement requirement of abc and there had been no protest
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letters file with the abc. and as far as the department recommendation is, northern police station has given a parole with the current and existing conditions, we have been in xhun waysing with supervisor farrell's office and they are in support of the expansion and as far as the alu we recommend approval that was passed on in june 13, 2006. >> great thank you very much. >> any questions? no questions, why don't we now open it up to public comment? is there any member of the public that would like to speak on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. so, colleagues, we have this item, we have support from the district supervisor, and we have had community out reach. >> so moved. >> so we have a motion by supervisor yee to move this item forward. with a positive recommendation, and just a question do you want
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to, have this send in as a committee report, so that there is more action? >> so that we can send it as a committee report? so that we have a motion to send this over with a recommendation positive recommendation as a committee report. thank you. >> congratulations. >> if you can call item two. >> item number two is a hearing to consider that the transfer of the type 20 off sale, beer and wine license from 129 california street to 829, 26th streetto david netzer for wine house limited, will serve the public convenience or necessity of the city and county of san francisco. >> great, good morning. >> good morning, supervisors. >> so, my name is david, and i am with the winehouse limited, and we also go by the dba as to the winehouse and we have been in business for 36 years, all in san francisco and we have been at current location, on
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129 carolina street for 13 nearly 14 years and we are only moving because the landlord has expressed request in tearing down the building and putting up a 7 story condo and we are on a month to month lease and so we knew that we needed to move but we wanted to stay in the same neighborhood and we really like it and we found a spot in dog patch which suits our snaoeds. and we are just beer and wine and we don't sell liquor or cigarettes or chips or any other items. and chocolates. but we have done out reach to as required for the planning requirement that is required by the process, and we also, reached out to the patrero boosters and the dog patch neighborhood association as well, who are both given us their blessing and i think that all of that correspondence is in the file that you have. i have also spoken with andrea
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in coehen's office and who gave us the go ahead for this meeting and we are looking forward to the new space. >> great, thank you much. >> any questions for the applicant colleagues? >> okay, why don't we now hear from officer dwarte? thank you. >> good morning, supervisors and yes, once again, to the nuts and bolts of this, he is very simply relocating, and we did do some questions in regard to the cat calls, and he has run a model business and has little police interaction at all and we did, reach out to supervisor cohen's office and we were not able to get a response from them. and very simply, the department recommends that we just go ahead and recommend an approval for the relocation and once again, very simply, it is just a business relocating to a new address, thank you. >> great, thank you very much.
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>> why don't we open it up to public comment? is there any member of the public that would like to speak? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, do we have a motion, do we have a motion by supervisor yee to move this item forward? >> yeah, i will second that but i just wanted to thank mr. netzer and you found a condo that really supports you and i appreciate the effort to reach out to the people from the neighborhood and it seems that there is strong support and thank you for 36 years as well in the neighborhood and i am supportive and i second the motion. >> thank you. and if we could also have being sent as a committee report, so that there is quick action at the board. so we have a motion to move this forward as a committee report with a positive recommendation? and item passes. >> thank you, congratulations. >> if we could now go to item
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three?hearing to consider that the issuance of a type 42 on-sale beer and wine public premises license to larry livingston for the basement, located at 222 hyde street (district 6), will serve the public convenience or necessity of the city and county of san francisco >> great, if we could hear from the applicant? larry livingston. >> good morning, supervisors so the point is to house the world famous in the 30s to the 60s and the great likes miles davis and many others, adopted into what was the 3 deuces for the vip treatment at 222 hyde street. currently it is empty since much of last year, the previous club closed after five years of operations and i would like to follow the tradition by providing music and entertainment to the location, and i have reached out to the communities including the building neighbor and the ministry and some of our building tenants and i received
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a positive encouragement for our plan and i also have attended alliance for the better district six meeting and have a lot of positive effects for the attendees and they asked to approve the application and i am confident that i can comply most of their demands. i don't understand the neighbors concern because i had lead the corner of market and golf in the restaurant and the jbar and a corner liquor store in the same building as my apartment and that is why i will have outside street camera and two trained security guards at the peak times and they will be present until 2:30 a.m. to control the crowd outside and i have a couple of comments to make regarding alu conditions. first condition is i have negotiated a time restriction with alu, and abc, for three months. my understanding was that the officer will accept abc's counter proposal for 2:00 a.m. closing from thursday to saturday and i thought that i
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had a verbal equipment with the officer and that is why i put all of my savings into the base foment remodel and applying equipment and rents and etc.. first i thought that there was a typo sinces it said sunday to wednesday, eleven a.m. to 12 a.m. and repeats the same schedule from thursday to friday again. from eleven a.m. to 12 a.m.. so, i'm just wondering why, you know he put everything instead of just put every day and you know put it into 12 a.m.. there is a bar, half a block away and open to 2 a.m. every day and i feel strongly that it is unfair to compete with the existing bars with this condition and not to mention the financial burden for the next six months. also, on number two, i think it should be removed after six months because i may want to transfer an on sale general license in the future. so i believe that it should be decided on the future hearing.
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and the previous clock had on sale general license, and we are down grading and complying all other conditions to build the trust with our community and so that is my thought here, thank you. >> so can i ask you before you move, thank you very much. for being here for your presentation. so, just for the record, are you against, the conditions that are being recommended by the alu? >> yeah, i am against the one and two. condition one and two, because, conditions one we had negotiated three months with abc and alu and the officer and myself and we went back and forth and my understanding was that the officer would accept the abc counter proposal to have us opened friday to saturday until two a.m. and other days until 12 a.m. and that is the reason so i am asking supervisors to look into this number one and number two,
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and i believe i feel that it is unconditioned for the moment but later on, if i want to bring on the sale general application later on, i think that should be decided of the later hearing. do you intend to sell hard liquor here? >> not at the moment but i would like to have options in the later point in the future, if necessary. >> without the condition, though, i guess that one question you know is that with this question does it mean that you could sell hard liquor now? >> no. i think that, no, unless we transfer and go through the hearing and you know, approve the supervisors and i was not able to sell any way, but this is only for 42 license, which is only beer and wine license right now. >> i guess my understanding was
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that supervisor kim was open to this request, with the understanding that there would be no hard liquor being sold and, so if what you ever saying is that you want to keep the option of hard liquor and then that is certainly disstubering to me. >> okay, supervisor mar? >> yeah, i was just going to say there has to be something to help you be in touch with the community and especially supervisor kim's office as well and i think that the police conditions make a lot of sense to me, making it a pilot, to see how it goes, and i am just hoping that you work with supervisor office and really think about that, the recommendations from the abc, or the alcohol licensing unit,
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seemed reasonable to me. >> okay. >> now i want to hear from the officer and one of the things that is disturbing about this is that what we are hearing from the applicant is different from what the supervisor's office heard from the applicant and that is never a good sign, officer? >> and i can either read from the report or we can go to the questions if you like, it is a very simple process for us and we look at the consideration points and when we are issuing recommendations for an alcohol license, in this particular case, less than 600 feet from a couple of one of them being a playground right across the street. >> and i was involved with him directly from the on set of the initial investigation. and what occurred from that point, and what we like to do we like to reach out to the supervisor's office and also
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you know, for us we like to reach out to the permit officer and the captain and the matter was taken over by the permit and the captain and they issued in the higher crime rates in san francisco. and having said that, the department and it was an understanding and the means that there was understanding and that he would be applying for a type two, beer and wine only. as you may know, there is a state moratorium on the state and the only one to bring one in is to find one that is for sale in the state, to bring it into san francisco or in san francisco itself. and there is no moratorium on the type of 42s, these are all original. and in our point of view, to
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issue an unconditional license is some what detrimental to the community. and our purpose here is to protect the citizens and the residents and just as much to protect his customers and also because to place it on unconditional licenses to be done and having said that, he once again is placing a new bar, if we will, in plot, 48, and we can consider anything with 86 or more calls to the police service to be a high crime area. >> for the year of 2012. >> there were 262 police reports. located in 124 census track and that population is condense and there are 9,000 according to
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the track down in 2012, and there is an authorized limit of 30 on sale which is what he is seeking which is 39 active, so we have 9 licenses that are over at the authorized amount. and i did reamend the report, i hope that you have that amended report because we contacted abc and we were notified that on january 28th of this year. the department of alcoholic beverage did verify and validate one conditional letter of protest. as far as that, they do support and recommend with the conditions that were attached here these were written at the station level and handed to us at the station level. and they put them on the report for you and once again going back to the alu recommends approves with the following conditions. number one, sales of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted
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between the hours of eleven a.m. to 12 a.m. sunday through wednesday and eleven a.m. to 12 a.m. on thursday through saturday for the first six months beginning the first day that the license is issued. and number two, this license shall not be on sale for a general license and number three, no noise shall be audible beyond the area of the control of the license and number four, loit tering it is defined as to stand eyedly about and linger without lawful business and it is prohibited on any sidewalk or property, adjacent to the license premise under the control of the licensee, as depicted on this form, and no person, number five, no person under the age of 21 shall sell or deliver alcohol being beverages number six, all sales and service staff within 90 days of hire shall complete the abc slas in response of the service and the copy of the certificate shall be kept on the premises and
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presented on request, number seven, the business shall be contacted that will allow them to easily, and excuse me, the business will be conducted at all times in a manner that will allow them to be easily identified as employees by law enforcement and employee clothing shall be prominently featured the name of the business, number eight, the sale of alcoholic beverages for the off sale consumption is prohibited and number nine, shall provide a minimum of one security personnel on the exterior of the premises and staffed appropriately in order to control the patrons and prevent the disturbances in and near the premises and special events shall be staffed at a one security guard per 70s and the honor request for the law enforcement if the additional security becomes necessary. number ten. there shall be no advertising signs of any kind on or visible
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from the exterior promoting the availability of alcoholic beverages, number eleven was one that i also amended and i also believe that supervisor campos prefers to have language that does not include the word active monitored so the amended version here is that the petitioners will utilize electronic survey ens that is able to be viewed from the outside and include all entrances and exits this will be utilized during the operating hours. and the electronic recording shall be kept at least 30 days. and to the department and police department upon request and a valid search warrant, thank you. >> thank you very much, supervisor mar. >> and i wanted to encourage him to work with, again, the community and supervisor kim's office and i am just reading and there is such a historic opportunity there for the parking lot that used to be the
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black hawk where billy holladay and miles and there is so much history and your site which is the former reduces where miles and coal train hung out and i think that it is such a good opportunity for telling the history in the corner of the block and not just in the fillmore district but uptown and the community is trying to rebrand it as it is so critical and i encourage to you work with the supervisor office and the surrounding community and i think that it is good that you have reached out to the ministry who i have a lot of respect for but i think that there is a lot of different groups, but especially the supervisor's office, because i want to see you successful and i want to have drinks at your place as well and i want the history of san francisco to emerge from a great business like you are trying to create as well. >> thank you. >> do you want to add anything? >> no. i mean, that i am fine with that and i just wanted to make sure that i have told supervisor's office and also, i
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have told that when i am at the tender loin, police officer with the captain and there, i would like to have an option to bring in 48 licenses in the future, and i do not have any intent to bring it, you know, this year, or i don't even know if i have all of the ability to bring it and so i just want to have that option that is all and i just want to add that. >> thank you. >> why don't we open it up to public comment? is there any other member of the public that would like to speak? >> seeing none, yes? >> thank you, supervisors, i'm officer tores and i am the permit officer for the tender loin police district and we concur with the alu unit with placing the conditions that he mentioned earlier, and our experience at this location in previous years when it was open for business, is that we have problems with noise complaints,
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since there were residential units up right above, we had problems with fights in front of this establishment. we had problems with overcrowding at this location, this location is a very small little bar that you could only fit no more than probably 49 people inside of this place. so if, mr. living ston wants to open up this place and add entertainment, it will be pretty crowded inside. so we ask that you keep the conditions that the alu has asked for. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, i was not anticipating coming today and i had a meeting and sorry if we are duplicating some of the messages. we met with him before this meeting,


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